The Art and Science of Cooperative Development

Session 1 Coming April 10-13, 2017!
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CooperationWorks! Professional Training: The Art and Science of Cooperative Development is a rigorous course for participants to develop the skills to start a new cooperative and assist groups to start new cooperative enterprises.

CW has designed an intensive, outcome-based curriculum focused exclusively on cooperative applications and real-world elements such as site visits and interactive case studies.  The training provides critical lessons in cooperative business model, group facilitation and start-up issues while incorporating challenges cooperatives face today.  Upon completion of the program participants will be able to:

  • Understand the unique attributes of the cooperative business model
  • Lead groups through the key steps of cooperative business development process
  • Set up effective governance models for start-up cooperatives
  • Apply strong group facilitation and communication skills
  • Assess cooperative finance and capitalization strategies towards business success
  • Advise groups on the process of completing a feasibility study
  • Prepare a cooperative business plan
  • Educate groups on the legal structure and the tax environment for cooperatives
  • Build successful cooperative development ecosystems

Who should attend?

The course is designed for those who are seriously interested in cooperative development. It is a training for practitioners who are eager to move beyond the basics and engage in how concepts such as management, finance, and law apply in a cooperative setting so they are able to use the skills they learn at CW’s Art and Science of Cooperative Development in their current work. This transformative learning experience offers a chance to share best practices and be exposed to a diversity of perspectives brought by participants from different types of cooperatives as well as from non-profit and other grassroots organizations.