Session 2 Coming November 2017
Session 3 Coming December 2017


“I just wanted to…say thank you for what I think was a excellent event. As you can imagine, I go to many of these trainings, workshops, networking events every year but this one really stood out amongst the rest. The case studies and speakers were what I think made this event really special and valuable to me. ” – Daniel Arrañaga, Session 1 Participant 2016

“The CW training I went through was invaluable. I can’t stress that enough.”

“I have fond memories of the CW training, due in large part to the terrific group of people who gathered, all passionate about changing the status quo of business and the world at large.”

“Thank you for an outstanding program.”

“CW training is critical for my organization to provide basic cooperative business training for our new staff and professional”

“I’m very grateful that CW exists and that you continue to organize these trainings.”

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“I appreciate CW and what it offers. I think highly of those who organize the workshops and those who participate as instructors. I thoroughly enjoy my experience and interactions with all of those who attend. Thank you for doing the good work you are doing.”

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